Through it’s four departments, Terracore Ltd has been serving the construction industry for over 17 years mainly through the provision of on-shore and off-shore drilling, both locally and in North Africa.


The drilling department, the first to be set-up within the firm, is equipped for boring from 1mm up to 600mm core diameters and at any required angle.  Related services include borehole drilling, micro-pile installation, drilling for approved water wells, rock bolting for slope stability, bore holes for deep electrodes and down-hole installations, geothermal installations amongst others.  Furthermore, our specially designed rigs enable drilling in very confined spaces while ensuring minimal damage to existing surrounding structures.


Throughout the past few years Terracore has expanded to provide laboratory testing for construction materials including concrete, soils and rock, asphalt, water and reinforcing steel. Upon request, and in conjunction with the consultancy department, Quality Management Services may be offered. The latter involves the preparation of a Quality Management Plan, in which we propose methods to control construction materials and workmanship through quality control lab testing, on-site construction monitoring and the logging of quality assurance documentation.


Terracore have gleaned invaluable experience in providing topographical surveys and vibration monitoring control surveys through the monitoring of the Valletta City Gate project which involved continuous Vibration Monitoring in eight locations simultaneously coupled with Roving Vibration Monitoring, Crack width monitoring with Tell-Tales, Crack width monitoring with vibrating wire instruments and movement/displacement monitoring with the use of total station.

Terracore avails itself to provide these services for a variety of projects and engineering requirements.


In recent years the Terracore have expanded to engage the services of five qualified architects and civil engineers, two geologists and two surveyors. Together these provide consultancy in various disciplines including Project Management, Quality Management, test report analysis, engineering analysis and recommendations regarding geology, slope stability, foundations, roads, and underground utilities. The professional team is also trained in providing environmental site assessments and hydro-geological studies.